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What are the ingredients in Biscotti di Vecchio?

Biscotti di Vecchio uses only the finest of natural and locally sourced ingredients in all of our biscotti. In addition to the nuts listed below, we also use unsulphured dried fruits, fine chocolates and cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract, pure lemon and orange oils and white and brown sugars. We use a non-GMO processed unbleached wheat flour milled from wheat sourced exclusively from the USA.

No artificial colors or preservatives are added…ever! Our biscotti are also free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats.

Do your biscotti contain nuts?

Yes. We use pistachios and almonds. We do our very best to ensure that no nut products come in contact with BDV products that do not contain nuts. However, we can’t make guarantees about traces of nuts. All flavors of Biscotti di Vecchio are baked in a facility that uses and may contain trace amounts of soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

Are your biscotti kosher? Gluten-free?

No, our biscotti are not kosher and contain wheat, dairy, eggs and nuts.

Are Nutritional Facts on the packages?

Yes. All ingredients are listed per FDA guidelines.

What is the shelf life of Biscotti di Vecchio?

Biscotti di Vecchio is made in small batches to ensure the integrity, flavor and crunch of our delicious handmade, hand cut and hand packaged treats. We do not keep a large inventory of product so the biscotti you receive is the freshest and most flavorful biscotti imaginable. Biscotti di Vecchio will retain their flavor and “crunch” for up to 4 months when stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, we suggest they be kept in either the zip locked pouch bag they arrive in or in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for optimum flavor. NOTE: To retain the integrity and crunch of Biscotti di Vecchio, NEVER refrigerate or freeze the biscotti. The moisture from the refrigeration will create a “wet” or “soft” biscotti. Biscotti are twice-baked which gives them their distinctive “crunch.” All biscotti that leave our bakery have been tested for crunch – they are not to taste “stale” or “soft.” Those flavors with butter will not be as “hard” as those made without butter such as the Toasted Almond. The Crystallized Ginger Apple has a softer and chewier texture than the Pistachio Chocolate Chocolate Chunk and the Cayenne Cherry Chunk due to the moisture present in the crystallized ginger and dried apple.

I live in a warm and humid climate. How best to store Biscotti di Vecchio?

Humidity is not a friend to Biscotti di Vecchio. If you live in an area where there is an abundance of humidity, you may find that your biscotti can be a bit “soft” and not as crunchy as when you first opened the bag. Follow this simple fix for optimum biscotti deliciousness:

Heat oven to 220 degrees. Place the biscotti on a cookie sheet and bake for 6-8 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. The low oven temperature will remove the excess moisture from the cookie and allow you to experience the crunch and divine taste of our biscotti as it is meant to be experienced.

Where is Biscotti di Vecchio produced?

Biscotti di Vecchio is now based in Los Angeles and baked, packaged and distributed out of a fully licensed and insured commercial bakery in Gardena, CA.

Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

We do not offer shipping to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.

Do you ship to post office boxes?

We do not ship to post office boxes (regardless of the destination).

I am a retailer/wholesaler. Can I sell your products?

We welcome new retail and wholesale partners and distributors. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

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