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Biscotti di Vecchio was founded by entrepreneur, actress and baker, Danielle Di Vecchio in 2004, initially as a direct-to-consumer seasonal online business. Market acceptance and demand convinced Danielle to expand Biscotti di Vecchio, and in 2009 Danielle launched her year round business, serving both online consumers and the wholesale food market in metropolitan New York. In addition to establishing a strong direct-to-consumer online presence, Biscotti di Vecchio enjoyed steady growth and achieved distribution in retail outlets such as Gourmet Garage, Union Market and Bloomingdales, as well as high end and popular coffee bars including Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Empire Coffee & Tea and many others throughout NYC, Brooklyn and Queens.

When personal and family opportunities relocated Danielle to Los Angeles in 2014, she put the business on a brief hiatus while settling into Southern California. In April of 2016, she re-launched Biscotti di Vecchio as a corporation, with the goal of bringing her popular artisanal cookies to the West Coast and beyond.

For this re-launch, Danielle decided to focus on her four most popular flavors – Cayenne Cherry Chocolate Chunk, Crystallized Ginger Apple, Pistachio Chocolate Chocolate Chunk and Toasted Almond with Lemon Zest. She also learned from consumer feedback that a smaller, bite-size cookie could expand the product’s appeal, and our biscottini were created.

Danielle has infused her grandmother’s Tuscan “twice-baked” biscotti recipe with her own unique blend of spices, nuts and dried fruits to create complex, sophisticated flavors and a texture that is beyond comparison – with just the right crunch. Our new bite-size biscottini are totally addictive and can be enjoyed anytime the mood strikes. Enjoy them in the morning with your first cup of coffee or tea, as a mid-afternoon “sweet thing” or with a glass of Vin Santo or espresso after your evening meal. Biscotti di Vecchio are anything but traditional.

Our biscottini are free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats and absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives are added… ever! We want you to enjoy the ultimate sensory biscotti experience when choosing from our selection of Biscotti di Vecchio treats. We always welcome your feedback and look forward to baking for you!

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