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Danielle Di Vecchio

Founder & President 

While pursuing a professional acting career, Danielle (“The Sopranos”, “Prison Break”) never lost sight of another passion – baking. Danielle learned how to make biscotti as a young teenager and had fun creating her own variations of her grandmother’s popular Tuscan family biscotti recipe. Eventually creating flavors that were anything but traditional – Cayenne Cherry Chocolate Chunk, Pistachio Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Crystallized Ginger Apple and Toasted Almond with Lemon Zest among them. She launched Biscotti di Vecchio as a direct-to-consumer Internet business in 2009. Biscotti di Vecchio was available online and eventually sold at specialty food stores and espresso bars throughout New York City and the tri-state area including Union Market (Brooklyn & Manhattan), Gourmet Garage, Bloomingdale’s, Nespresso, Irving Farm and Empire Coffee. She put the business on hiatus in 2014 when she moved to the West Coast for personal and family opportunities. A fortuitous introduction upon her arrival to Los Angeles to a very enthusiastic and generous ex-food marketing turned entertainment executive encouraged Danielle to bring Biscotti di Vecchio to the West Coast. Jeff Jenest has become a lead investor and champion of BDV 2.0. Biscotti di Vecchio, Inc. was created in 2016. Danielle is committed to maintaining the integrity and quality of these delicious artisanal cookies and is excited to continue to bring the ultimate sensory biscotti experience to the West Coast and beyond!

Our Team

Jeffrey Jenest

Managing Partner

Jeff brings to Biscotti di Vecchio nearly 40 years of experience as a packaged-goods marketer, new business development talent, finance and operations executive, and activist. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stanford University, Jeff attended the Harvard Business School, receiving his MBA in 1978. Jeff’s marketing skills were honed through product management positions at General Foods and Frito-Lay, rising to the management of the multi-billion-dollar Doritos brand before the age of 29. He then went on to develop strategies and tactics for introducing voice mail technology to the consumer marketplace, as Vice President of Marketing for a start-up company that pioneered digital, server-based voice mail.

There followed a succession of positions at advertising agencies Foote, Cone & Belding and Kenyon & Eckhardt, where he worked on such brands as Carnation and ARCO and such franchises as Dallas, Knots Landing, and La Costa Resorts. At age 33, Jeff joined the burgeoning home video industry as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lorimar Home Video, where he helped take Jane Fonda’s Workout from a single product to a robust and phenomenally successful brand. Finally, for 20+ years Jeff was an executive in the Entertainment Group at Playboy Enterprises, leading that brand’s rapid expansion into home video, international television networks, and new media, while also managing the company’s construction and management of a state-of-the-art all digital television studio and broadcast center.

Throughout his career, Jeff has followed his passions for human rights, disease eradication, and giving back to society. He has been an active participant in ActUp, co-founded and managed the Entertainment AIDS Alliance and also served as Board Chair for AIDS Project Los Angeles. Health issues forced Jeff to retire from business activities to devote his efforts to philanthropy and also to help incubate and develop promising new business ventures. Family ties brought Jeff together with Danielle Di Vecchio in 2015 and the stage was set for Biscotti di Vecchio, Inc.